Beginner level – register
No experience needed
CoursDeFormation_AndreChavanne Discovery Evening

You have always wanted to try rock climbing but never had the chance to do so? Try it now! 3-4 persons, 1x1h30, CHF 45on demand

IMG_0523 Basic course I 

Learn how to lead climb with basic climbing techniques. 6-8 persons, 15x1h45, CHF 500, Tuesdays 18:00-20:00  (September-January), Sismondi (Nations)

CoursDeFormation_BoutDuMonde Basic course II 

To learn more technique and to become a fully independent indoor climber. 6-8 persons,15x1h45, CHF 500, Tuesdays 18:15-20:00 (February-June), Sismondi (Nations)

CoursDeFormation_Familles Family course 

Learn and climb together with your child and other families. 3-4 adults with 1-2 children each, on demand

Intermediary-advanced level – register
For climbers who already know how to lead climb and belay (basic course)
 CoursDeFormation_FontainebleauChris Intermediary course

Climb regularly with a motivated group and benefit of individual advice with regards to technique, tactics, mental and physical training. 6-8 persons, 15x1h45, CHF 500, Tuesdays 20:00-21:45, Sismondi (Nations)

 CoursDeFormation_FontainebleauAurelie Advanced Technique-Tactics course

Push your climbing level by working on your technical and tactical skills following and individual analysis. 3-4 persons, 5x1h30, CHF 225, on demand

CoursDeFormation_Sardinia1 Falling with confidence

Learn how to fall safely and how to well belay falls. 2-4 persons, 1x2h, CHF 70, on demand

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