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The general conditions

The price includes

  • all climbing material (except small shoes for children), which is provided by GenevaRocks
  • the return travel from Geneva (except flight and family climbing days), the accommodation in double room with breakfast (Provence: evening meal is also included) and the expenses for outdoor climbs which figure in the programme

It does not include the entry fee if the class takes place in a public climbing gym, (16 Euros for Vitam’Parc and 20 CHF for Queue d’Arve). Students, retired and unemployed persons benefit from a 10% reduction on all courses if they send a copy of their card at the moment of subscription.Please note that the inscription is valid only after reception of your payment to the following account: Account nr. 15-87314-4, IBAN: CH23 0900 0000 1508 7314 4, BIC/SWIFT: POFICHBEXXX, Account holder and address: GenevaRocks, Nyon, Bank and address: Postfinance, 3030 Bern, Switzerland.

Each climbing student needs to be covered by a personal liability insurance. He/she also needs to have personal medical and accident insurance and needs to check with his or her medical doctor whether (s)he is able to do rock climbing. Persons taking medicaments and/or having a medical condition that should be known by the climbing instructor are kindly requested to inform him/her. A weight superior to 90kg or inferior to 55kg also needs to be announced in advance. By the way, you can have drinks… but after class only.

Photos taken by GenevaRocks during classes or outdoor climbing trips are shared with the other participants and can be used for GenevaRocks’ communication, except if, before the start of the class or the outdoor climbing trip, the participants clearly express their wish not to be taken on photo.

GenevaRocks rejects any responsibility in cas of theft or loss of personal objects.

For meteorological reasons, a class can be held at a different place than originally planned if that place is adequate. In case of major hindrance, the climbing instructor can also be replaced by another qualified person. Such changes are announced a minimum 24 hours before the course by email.

In case of cancellation by GenevaRocks, be it for meteorogical reasons, for an insufficient number of inscriptions or for not finding an adequate replacement, the paid amount will be credited for a next course (no money will be reimbursed). A cancellation needs to be announced a minimum 24 hours before the course by email.

In case of vis major or a medical certificate which implicitly or explicitly proscribes climbing, a voucher is issued for the missed classes from the date of reception of the medical certificate or the means of proof by GenevaRocks. 

We recommend taking a cancellation fee insurance, for example with Allianz.

Any complaint concerning the contract needs to be presented to GenevaRocks within a month. The professional liability insurance has been concluded with Allianz Suisse Insurances, Bleicherweg 19, CH- 8002 Zürich, +41 58 358 71 11,

The material

For indoor climbing, take sports clothes (preferably no shorts), a warm pullover and a water bottle.

For outdoor climbing, take sports clothes suited for the season and the altitude, good walking shoes, a rain coat, a backpack which is big enough for the climbing material, sun glasses and sun cream, your personal medication if needed, a water bottle and a picnic.


Useful links

Climbing stores in Genea


Climbing gyms in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and in neighboring France

Bouldering gyms (climbing without ropes) in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and in neighboring France

Climbing sites

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Weather forecast

Protection of the environment


Online Forums


Climbing videos (selection)

  • La vie au bout des doits, with Patrick Edlinger in the years 1980 (be aware, solo climbing is dangerous!)
  • Action Directe (Frankenjura, Germany), the world’s first 9a, climbed by Wolfgang Güllich in 1991 (here with Iker Pou)
  • The Nose (Yosemite, USA), climbed in 1993 by Lynn Hill, the first female climbing star
  • Dosage Volume 1-5 videos, climbing around thé world in the years 2000
  • Biography (Céuse, France), the world’s first 9a+, climbed by Chris Sharma in 2011
  • Change (Flatanger Cave, Norway), the world’s first 9b+, climbed by Adam Ondra in 2012
  • Petzl Roc Trip in China (2011) and in Argentina (2012)
  • Silbergeier (Grisons, Switzerland), with Nina Caprez, probably the strongest Swiss female climber
  • Nouvelle Vague, urban climbing in Geneva

Climbing photographer

Competitions in Switzerland

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