Beginners and intermediary level – register
You can access these trips without having any climbing experience
SortiesEtStages__BoutDuMonde Family Climbing Day

Are you dreaming of climbing with your child but would like to do so in a safe environment? Join this course! 3-4 families, price: CHF 190 per adult with child, CHF 300 for two parents with children (new)

SortiesEtStages_Salève2 Rock Climbing Day (1 day)

For people who have never climbed before as well as for people who, in 2-3 climbing days, would like to learn how to climb outdoors independently. Or simply for improving technique. 3-6 persons, price: CHF 160

SortiesEtStages_Provence Weekend in Provence (2 days)

Climb on beautiful and sunny rocks in midst of a pittoresque olive trees and vineyards landscape, just four hours from Geneva! 3-6 persons, price: CHF 495

Alsace Weekend in Alsace (2 days)

If you climb at least a 5a Toprope indoors, you absolutely need get to know the beautifully sculpted red rocks above the Alsace vineyards! 3-6 persons, price: CHF 495

SortiesEtStages_Fontainebleau Bouldering in Fontainebleau  (4 days)

Four hours from Geneva, the magical forest of Fontainebleau hides thousands of sandstone boulders which attract climbers from all over the world. Climb without a rope, falling on a mattress. There is no better place to start climbing and/or to improve your existing climbing technique! 3-6 persons, price: CHF 795

Intermediary and advanced level – register
You already climb outdoors independently (several Rock Climbing Days or weekend in Provence / Alsace)
CoursDeFormation_Kalymnos Climb your Project (2 days)

Choose your project and work on it while being well coached! 3-4 persons, price: CHF 320 (night at home)

CoursDeFormation_Gastlosen Multiple Pitch Course I (2 days)

Learn to belay and rappel in well-equipped sport climbing routes and to manage mountain conditions. 3-4 persons, price: CHF 320 (night at home)

 DPP_0183 Multiple Pitch Course II (2 days)

To install belay stations and rappels in routes with belay stations without chain. 3-4 persons, price: CHF 320 (night at home)

You already have multi-pitch experience
SortiesEtStages__Maggia Weekend in Tessin (3 days)

Just five hours from Geneva, the granite rock above the Maggia river offers stunning multi-pitch routes in all levels. 3-4 persons, price: CHF 695

CoursDeFormation_PierreTallee Rescue Course (2 days)

Learn to improvise with different rope techniques in order to get out of tricky situations. 3-4 persons, price: CHF 320 (night at home)

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